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Headquartered in Manhattan, Hold Brothers Capital is a direct access trading firm. For nearly two decades, Hold Brothers Capital has grown to be a leading trading technology and support services solution for individual, hedge fund and other group traders. Through the firm’s proprietary software, Hold Brothers offers traders direct access to markets and various liquidity pools around the world. Hold Brothers’ in-house team of experienced and senior-level developers are available 24/7 to ensure that traders have access to the information, bandwidth and support necessary to make informed decisions, execute trades efficiently, and manage risk appropriately.

Hold Brothers Mission Statement

The mission of Hold Brothers Capital is to maximize the efficiency of our traders by providing superior trading technology and support services.

We strive for industry leadership through our proactive, ongoing quest for innovation, and commitment to our clients' success.

By offering competitive prices, timely, accurate market information and a cutting-edge trading technology, we have built a strong foundation for our continued growth. We are dedicated providing our traders with the tools and information needed to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness, always maintaining the highest standards of excellence and integrity in all of our work.