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Hold Brothers at the World Trade Center


Hold Brothers has a strong tie to the Twin Towers. On December 1st 2000, Hold Brothers companies commenced a lease for office space covering the entire 57th floor of the South Tower to house a trading floor and corporate offices.


The chief architect of the build out encountered construction completion delays.  Finally, after almost 10 months, we had a move in date: September 17, 2001 (yes, we were lucky).


At the time of the September 11 attacks, the 57th floor was occupied with trading equipment, while the traders and the chief architect were safely in New Jersey. Had the move-in date not been delayed, traders and employees of Hold Brothers would have been placed at the scene of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.


Hold Brothers’ Chairman and CEO, Gregory Hold reflects, “Buildouts often take 2 to 3 months so I was troubled that ours was taking almost 10 months, and I was burning the money I’d worked hard for on a massive empty office space- the 57th floor of the WTC South Tower, not knowing that the giant loss of money would be our greatest gift. I will never forget on September 11th when I saw the South Tower fall, and realized how this moment would impact the country. We remain extremely thankful for the series of events that kept us out of harm’s way that day and I am glad to have signed that lease instead of another tenant who might have quickly filled the floor to its more than 200 person capacity.”


A copy of Hold Brothers lease for the 57th floor of the South Tower can be found here: